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List of languages courses at Saint-Louis


The incoming students have the possibility to follow languages courses free of charge during their exchange. These courses are beginner level and start in September so it's not possible to integrate them at the beginning of the second semester.

Below a list of the courses offered:


LANG1120 English

LANG1121 Spanish

LANG1123 Italian

LANG1146 German

NEER1180 Dutch for beginners I


The courses below are also offered to incoming students, but it don't need to be a beginner. These courses start in September so it's not possible to integrate them at the beginning of the second semester.


GERM1106 German : Language Proficiency

GERM1105 Dutch : Language proficiency

GERM1104 English : Language Proficiency


For the English course, a level test will be organised to see in witch group you can go according your level and your field of study


For students in Political sciences, Information and communication, Sociology


ANGL1191 English I

ANGL1291 English II

ANGL1391 English III


For students in Economics and Business Engineering

ANGL1192 English I

ANGL1292 English II

ANGL1392 English III


For the students in Political sciences, there is also English courses in the evening

HDPO1190 English I

HDPO1290 English II

HDPO1390 English III



Learning French


French Week


At the beginning of the academic year, we organise a French course during five days. At the beginning of the second semester, the activity is organized only during four days.


Its aim is to introduce students with some knowledge of French to the basics of language. They will be able to refresh and deepen their knowledge of the language. The students who register before the deadline will have to take an online level test in order to put them in the right group.

This activity is thus not open to real beginners: these students will start the course together at the beginning of the semester.


The detailed programme for this course will be sent later to the registered students. For the first semester, the registration deadline is 30 June and 15 December for the second semester.


Fore more information, please contact Ms Camille George, International Exchanges Coordinator.



French as a foreign language course



Our French as a foreign language course is aimed at exchange students following courses at Saint-Louis (whether on an Erasmus or another type of exchange programme). Its main goal is to help students to learn French more effectively, by providing them with the tools they need to benefit optimally from studying and living in a French-speaking environment. Over and above the purely linguistic dimension, the courses provide students with an introduction to Belgian culture.


How it works

For the students in Translation and Interpreting, a french as foreign language course is taught during the first and the second semester:


During the first semester : MHER1321A : French for Erasmus

During the second semester : MHER1321B : French for Erasmus



For the other students, following a proficiency test students are placed in one of 4 groups:


beginner’s group: first term and/or second term (2hrs/week)

beginner’s to intermediate: first term  and/or second term (2hrs/week)

intermediate to advanced group:  first term and/or second term (2hrs/week)

advanced group: first term and/or second term (2hrs/week)


The levels are only mentioned for reference.


The European Credit Transfer System (ECTS)

Each level is worth 5 credits provided that the student attends classes, is participative and completes set assignments. Students who attend for the whole year and who complete two levels of courses are awarded 10 credits.


Credits are awarded provided that students complete all set assignments and sit the end of term examination. Students who fail to meet these requirements receive a certificate of competence in French based on assessment of their European Language Portfolio.



The timetable varies depending on the availability of the course tutor and the students and is established at the beginning of each term.

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