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Anthony Carter


Anthony Carter come from Canada and had the opportunity to spend an entire year in Brussels, thanks to an institutional agreement.


«Actually, I did want tot discover Europe. I must say that in my country we don’t really know Belgium. So it was for me an unknown territory to discover… and here, in Brussels, you don’t have time to get bored! I often say that Brussels is not only a city to visit once, it is definetely a city where it feels good to live ! You have to be there to understand. Moreover, the university offers plenty of great activities, incredible people and a competent and helpful staff.  Beyong the pure academic knowledge this experience provides you with, friendship, activities and meetings considerably enrich this stay ».



Georgia Johnston


« My name is Georgia Johnston from Taiwan. I am a diplomacy student from Tamkang University. I spent some time in Belgium in 2018 for an internship, and liked it so much I decided to put Brussels as my first choice when applying for exchange. I am lucky to be able to spend my exchange year at Saint Louis.

Before arriving I was extremely worried about whether I could fit in and make

friends, but the students here have been nothing but helpful. I’ve made friends with local students in class and during ESN events, I was introduced to some of the best restaurants in town, and my Belgian buddy even picked me up from the airport with her car! Learning experience wise, the professors here speak good English thus they are able to go deep into the explanation of the content they teach. Back home we use a forum to communicate with the professors and organize our schedule, and I was happy to find Saint-Louis with similar to the whole testimonial (academic year 2019-2020)




Giovanna Mazzieri



Giovanna spent a semester in Saint-Louis during the academic year 2017-2018 and shares her experience with us.


"When you decide to leave your hometown, to go to a new country, you never know what you are going towards. May you have read brochures, online suggestions and listen to friends’ opinions to be prepared to the university you are going to.

Your head is full of thoughts and expectations, fears and hopes, till that very day...llink to the whole testimonial

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