Saint-Louis University - Bruxelles

Why study at Saint-Louis?


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There are many good reasons. We can think of ten reasons that matter for exchange students:


1. We are a centre of excellence in the human sciences

Business engineering, economics and management, political sciences, sociology and anthropology, information and communication, law, history, philosophy, French and Romance languages and letters, modern languages and letters: German, Dutch and English.


2. We are specialised in undergraduate education


3. We have a growing range of advanced masters


4. We are leading the way in multilingual education

Saint-Louis is a pioneer in the provision of bilingual and trilingual undergraduate courses of study.


5. We have a wide range of courses taught in English

We offer English courses to international students who are studying at Saint-Louis as exchange students. These courses are worth approximately 30 credits each term.


6. Our human scale

Saint-Louis has ± 4,000 students and offers a warm and convivial atmosphere in which they and staff can enjoy a relaxed and personalised relationship.


7. Our interdisciplinary approach

With our complementary range of human sciences programmes, which are supported by two interdisciplinary research institutes (specialised in ‘society’ and ‘Brussels’ respectively), our programmes of study have a true interdisciplinary dimension.


8. Our range of evening study courses


9. Our pluralism

While Saint-Louis has Christian roots, it is today a truly pluralist place of study, thanks to its interdisciplinarity, to the diversity of its students, and also to the diversity of its academic staff.


10. Our location in the heart of Brussels

Saint-Louis is located:

just a hopping distance from one of Brussel’s main metro stations;

the Gare du Nord railway station is just 10 minutes away on foot;

we are in the heart of a multicultural city that offers a vibrant cultural scene.

Brussels is also the capital of Europe. It is home to the headquarters of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) and European institutions such as the Parliament and the Commission.



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