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If you arrive in the evening or at the weekend you will need to arrange hotel or youth hostel accommodation for one or two nights, that is until you can obtain your keys from the Accommodation Office, so we recommend that you reserve a room before setting out!


Immediately after arriving your first step is to make contact with the Accommodation Office, who will provide you with the keys to your residence and the "l'état des lieux" document (a legal document detailing the state of repair and an inventory of fixtures in your accommodation at the moment when you receive the keys) so that you can move in.


Your next step is to return to the Accommodation Office with your original signed contract and pay your first month’s rent, if you have not already done so in advance.


Service logement

Ommegang 6 - 1st floor - bureau OM 1-08

Tel.:  0032 2 792 36 02 or 0032 2 792 36 03


Finalising the admissions and enrolment procedure


Don’t forget to pop into the International Relations Unit to finalise your admission and enrolment. Make sure to prepare the different documents requested.


Registration at your local Commune


Who needs to register ?


All students, European or not, are required to register to their local city hall (‘commune’) to obtain their residence permit for the duration of their mobility.


Where do students need to register ?


Each city hall has its own procedure. Please refer to their website or contact the city hall where you live to have the list of documents you need to deliver. Find here the list of different city hall.



The procedure is normally as follows:

Contact (by email or online) the local administration to make an appointment and to know the list of documents you will have to bring with you (The ‘attestation de fréquentation’ (proof of enrollment) can be collected at the International Relations Unit after your arrival);

Go to the city hall with your documents;

A police officer will visit you to check if you in fact live at the address referred to the administration;

You will then have another appointment at the city hall to finalize paperwork.



When do I need to register ?


It is also worth noting that the process is a long one. We strongly recommend that you contact your Commune as early as possible.

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