Saint-Louis University - Bruxelles

Visa and other permits


Which documents do I need to travel to Belgium?


All non-Belgian students wishing to participate in an exchange program are required to fulfil certain administrative obligations.



The documents must be written in either German, English, French or Dutch. If not, you the student must join an officially certified translation into one of these four languages.


For more information :

Information about the VISA D

List of Belgian embassies and consulates

Administrative fees for the VISA D (some exemptions may apply)

Proof of sufficient financial means

Medical certificate

For American students, more information can be found on the USA diplomacy website


Blocked Account :

To prove that the student has sufficient financial means to support themselves during the whole stay, the student may provide one or more of the following documents:

Parent/guarantor's commitment to support (annex 32)

Scholarship or loan

Certificate from USL-B testifying that the request amount has been deposit into the university's Blocked account.


How much do I need to transfer?

789€ x the number of months of your stay in Brussels.

- If your scholarship is less than 789€/month, you can transfer the remaining amount multiplied by the number of months of your stay;

- Please note that fees may apply for international transactions. Plan accordingly.


How do I proceed?

1.  To obtain the university's bank details, please contact the International Relations Department ( or;

2.  Please indicate the following mention as the communication: "Versement avance obtention Visa + your full name";

3.  Once the transaction is completed, the proof of payment must be sent by email to the coordinator in charge of your application;

4.  USL-B will issue you a certificate to present to the embassy;


How do I get the money back after I arrive?

The money will be transferred monthly. Please inform the International Relations Department ( or of the transaction method you have selected.


Bank transfer to the sending account (fees may apply for international transactions);

Bank transfer to an online account such as Wize, Revolut... (be sure to check the conditions).

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