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The Student Visa


All non-Belgian students wishing to participate in an ERASMUS exchange programme are required to fulfil certain administrative obligations. These are:


For students from another EU member state: prospective students must be in possession of a valid identity card or passport.


For students from a non-EU country:  prospective students wishing to study in Belgium as part of an exchange programme must, in the first instance, make an application in person for a short stay visa for the purposes of entry into Belgium as a student. This is a first step in obtaining a student visa (Type D Visa).

To make the initial short-stay application students must, in person, visit the Belgian embassy or consulate that is closest to their home, and introduce their application in line with the rules in force.


On top of the application fees, prospective students must provide the following:

- a passport that is valid for at least 15 months

- two copies of a properly completed, signed, and dated visa application form

- two recent photos (identity card format) that are signed on the reverse side

- a certificate of good conduct (for students aged 21 or over) or a police record check

- a recent medical certificate (using a standard form)

- proof of access to sufficient resources to fund their entire stay (parent, guarantor, bursary)

- a certificate from the receiving university testifying that they are either enrolled as a full-time student or that they fulfil the admission criteria required to enrol.


To obtain this certificate the international department of the sending university needs to submit a request for it. The sending university must also, as early as possible, supply Saint-Louis with the following personal details regarding the prospective student:

- family name and last name

- gender

- place of birth (town and country)

- date of birth

- nationality

- field of study

- name of the sending university.


Further information is available from in the case of students from the USA.

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