Saint-Louis University - Bruxelles

Choice of courses


According to their field of study, incoming students can choose the following courses :


The compulsory or optional courses of the different faculties;

An annual course even if they only stay for one term (in this case, the credits must be divided);

Languages courses offered outside the faculty of translation and interpreting;

Courses offered in different faculties provided they have the prerequisites and the agreement of their coordinator in their home university;

 Specific courses for exchange students;

 Courses taught in English;

 Courses given in French and/or in English provided that students have the required language level certificate.


Incoming Students may not choose the following courses :


Courses for which they do not have the prerequisites;

Two coursses given in the same semester, one of wich is a prerequisite for the other

Courses not open to exchange students;

Specific courses in translation and interpreting if they are not studying this field of study;

Courses that are not at their level of study;

Courses that they would have already taken at their home university;

Bachelor 1 courses (with exceptions and courses given in English);



Master courses;

For students coming for the second semester only, second part of annual course.


Courses description


The names and description of the courses are available by following this link.


Then :

Choose the field of study indide one of the four faculties

Choose the Programme in the menu

Choose the major in which you are interested in (if applicable)

Browse the list of courses presented and click on the course


Some practical information :


Bloc = year

1Q = first semester 2Q = second semester

A = annual

Th. = theory

Ex. = Tutorials (compulsory)


Please pay attention to the prerequisites of each course. The prerequisites refer to our courses but if you have attended a course with an equivalent content in your home university, it  will be accepted.

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