Saint-Louis University - Bruxelles

Faculties, Institutes & the School of Philosophy & Religion


The Université Saint-Louis - Bruxelles is composed of four Faculties, an Institute for European Studies, and a School of Philosophy & Religion. Supporting these are a number of Research Centres and three Research Institutes.




The Faculty of Philosophy, Languages & Literatures, and Human Sciences

The Faculty of Law

The Faculty of Economics, Social and Political Sciences and Communication

The Marie Haps Faculty of Translation and Interpreting



The Institute for European Studies


The Institute for European Studies (IEE) offers a wide range of taught programmes. Its academic staff have diverse research interests and offer a number of high-level courses for professionals with an interest in European affairs.


Research Centres & Institutes


At Saint-Louis we believe that the quality of teaching, whatever the field, is directly related to the quality of the research effort that feeds into it, that keeps it at the cutting-edge.


To ensure our teaching remains in the vanguard, Saint-Louis has some fifteen research centres, spanning the entire field of social and human sciences (including economics, law, political science, sociology, literature, history, linguistics and philosophy).


We also have three research institutes, which act as interfaces between certain research centres. These are:


The Institute for Social Science & Interdisciplinarity (IRSI)


The Institute for Interdisciplinary Research in Brussels (IRIB)


The Institute for European Studies (IEE)


The School of Philosophy & Religion


The School of Philosophy & Religion offers a range of taught programmes and has diverse research interests.

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