Saint-Louis University - Bruxelles

About us




The Institute for European Studies (IES) was created in 2007 within Université Saint-Louis - Bruxelles (USL-B). USL-B is one of the six Belgian universities of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation and specialises in the humanities and social sciences.





It is located in downtown Brussels, a multicultural city in the heart of Europe and the seat of European and international institutions, many interest groups, and a host of multinational companies and non-governmental organisations.





The IES hosts the 3-year project (2022-25) of the Jean Monnet Centre of excellence EUNMUTE: a programme of research, teaching and public engagement that will explore how EU action can improve the quality of democracy giving voice to those who are usually outpowered, outnumbered or voiceless.




Since its founding, IES USL-B has quite naturally taken up its position as an institution with three missions, i.e.