Saint-Louis University - Bruxelles

Insurances for incoming students


Protection and safety of participants involved in the Erasmus+ projects are important principles of the Erasmus+ Programme. All persons participating in this new Programme must be insured against the risks linked to their participation in these activities.


Health insurance (compulsory in Belgium)

EU inhabitants: European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) is compulsory.

The holder of a EHIC has the right to take the medical care during his/her stay in Belgium at the same conditions as provided by the Belgian legislation, but he/she can only get partial reimbursement for the medical care that is necessary during his/her stay, taking the nature of the medical care into account as well as the duration of the stay.

Non-EU inhabitants: a copy of your private health insurance is necessary.


Travel insurance (including damage or loss of luggage)

You should enrol in your own travel plan. Proof of enrolment is required.


Insurance civil liability

In the event of loss or damage suffered by another person as a result of your error, recklessness or negligence, that person may file a claim against you. If you are found liable, this liability insurance will compensate that third party.


Incident occurring during university activities (classes, visits,...): You are normally insured by your home university. We invite you to check with your institution. If this is not the case, it is strongly recommended that you subscribe to your own liability insurance;


Incident in your private life: it is strongly recommended to have your own private liability insurance for the entire duration of your stay.


Repatriation insurance

You have to be covered by your own insurance plan. Proof of enrolment is required.


Complementary insurance

We recommend you to take a special insurance for hospitalization. An accident can quickly occur…

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