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Grants to sponsor students with limited means


Call for candidates


In order to keep a balance between incoming and outgoing students between Université Saint-Louis - Bruxelles and its partners outside the EU, Saint-Louis launches 6 grants of 750 euros for the entire duration of the mobillity to help financing the stay in Brussels.


Saint-Louis has many partners outside EU countries where more and more Saint-Louis students spend a semester every year. However, some of those partners are not able to send as many students to Saint-Louis. To keep the agreement meaningful for both sides and keep a balance in the students exchanges, Saint-Louis launches 6 grants of 750 euros (for the entire duration of the mobillity) to help financing an exchange stay in Brussels.


This grant is offered to students with limited means and enrolled at a partner university located in a country that is not considered "high income" by the World Bank.


This grant cannot be added to an Erasmus + grant offered by the European Commission.


A maximum of two grants will be attributed to the same partner.


Applications should include :

Letter of motivation

Curriculum Vitae

Your last transcript of records in French or translated into English

a recommendation letter from your home coordinator

Saint-Louis Application form


And should be sent to and


Applications are accepted twice a year: on November 1 and on June 1 and will be reviewed by the International Office. Notifications will be sent to the applicant within 4 weeks.



Grants for European students


In France, financial aid for students is managed by the CNOUS and CROUS networks. Grants are awarded mainly on the basis of social criteria, depending on family resources.



In addition, at the initiative of the European Commission, a platform listing all the scholarships available at the European level has been created.


More than 12,000 funding opportunities in 16 countries have been listed, of which approximately 250 are specifically intended for students pursuing a course of study in Belgium.

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