Saint-Louis University - Bruxelles

NEER1180 - Dutch for Beginners I

Credits : 3

Lecturers :
Mode of delivery :
Face-to-face , first and second term, 45 hours of theory.

Language of instruction :

Learning outcomes :
Discovery, practice and study of basic Dutch in order to reach level A2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.
The course examines the elements necessary to be able to understand a basic text, follow a basic conversation and be able to respond and react briefly in Dutch.
The courses will enable to:
- develop receptive skills through short texts or dialogues in the book. These texts or dialogues deal with topics from everyday life;
- develop productive skills based on elementary knowledge (grammar and vocabulary);
- to put into context and use the vocabulary and grammar studied.

Prerequisites :

Co-requisites :

Course contents :
The lessons will be built around the dialogues between the characters in the book, studied in class. Each dialogue allows the discovery of a new lexicon and new notions of grammar

Planned learning activities and teaching methods :
There are one and a half hours of Dutch per week.
The lessons are mainly devoted to reading, speaking and writing, focusing on everyday situations (practical Dutch), as well as grammar.
If part of the teaching activities cannot be carried out face-to-face for health reasons, instructions will be sent by Moodle / Teams and the active participation of each student in these activities is expected. Any changes to this lesson plan (content, timetable, etc.) due to external circumstances will be communicated by Moodle.

Assessment methods and criteria :
The examination covers the whole subject matter of the course of which the book "Vanzelfsprekend" provides only a support.

The written off-session exam for the first term (Q1) will take place on Monday, 13 December 2021.
It will cover the subject matter of the first term (Q1).
Students who do not obtain half of the grade in December must retake this part in May, on the same day as takes place the exam for the second term (Q2).

The written off-session exam for the second term (Q2) (and possibly Q1) will take place on Monday, 9 May 2022. It will cover the subject matter of the whole year.
At the end of the year, the student obtains a mark for the whole year.

The final proportion is 40% for Q1 and 60% for Q2.
If the student does not get a 10/20 he or she must retake, in August, the part(s) for which he or she did not obtain the mark of 10/20 (either Q1 or Q2 or both). Grades of 10/20 or higher will be retained. The student will therefore not be able to represent a period for which he/she has obtained a mark of 10/20 or higher.
In both Q1 and Q2, short formative assessments (usually written) will take place at the end of each part of the book. The results of these tests will not be included in the official end-of-year result. They will give the student an idea of how far they have progressed in their learning.
If the sanitary conditions do not allow for face-to-face examinations, the assessment methods will be hybrid. The exams will also be organized off session and the grade weight will remain the same. Any changes to the assessments due to external circumstances will be communicated through Moodle.

Recommended or required reading :
- Devos R., Fraeters H., Schoenaerts P., Van Loo H., (2018). Vanzelfsprekend, Nederlands voor anderstaligen. Leuven: Uitgeverij Acco.