Saint-Louis University - Bruxelles

ANGL1392 - English III


Credits : 5

Lecturers :
Mode of delivery :
Face-to-face , first term, 30 hours of theory.

Language of instruction :

Learning outcomes :
The aim of this course in Bloc 3 is to push the students forward to an intermediate level (B2+) or Advanced level (C1-).
The interactive courses as well as the home assignments will help the student be competent with the language at a lexical level but also with different skills: emphasis shall be put on speaking (professional group presentations) and understanding of spoken English (mainly) as well as writing (reading specialised articles.)

Prerequisites :
For the Bachelor in Information and Communication :

For the Bachelor in Political Sciences: General :

For the Bachelor in Sociology and Anthropology :

Co-requisites :

Course contents :
Course Contents:
- Presentations and debates on current issues, social aspects and the workplace: press articles, TV programmes, documentaries in the area of political science (in a broad sense).
The topics for the presentations and debates in 2021-2022 are the following: Voting : Right or Obligation?, Mass Media in Today's World, Cities in 2050, Bridging the Gaps: Towards a More Egalitarian Society.
- Communication techniques (Language of professional presentations, How to use visuals, Describing graphs and trends during a presentation).
- Continuous exercises on listening comprehension in the class.
- Roleplaying (Speed-networking in job seeking).
- Exercises for the preparation of the IELTS test.
- (Time permitting) Writing skills workshops.

Planned learning activities and teaching methods :
ANGL1392 - Q1 - 30h Th./Ex.
* Interactive course: communicative and interactive approach.

Assessment methods and criteria :

It is important to highlight that this course is based on continuous assessment throughout the term: class participation is of upmost importance. The home assignments required by the teacher must be done thoroughly. They are part of the final evaluation. There is no exam in January nor in June. The final grade is based on different oral and written tests, as well as continuous assessment organised during the term.
- Oral component: 10 points
It is important to notice that the students need to be active during the interactive courses. Participation, knowledge of the vocabulary, mastery of the oral exercises, etc., are assessed during the term (/3).
The oral presentation (in groups) is an important part of the oral evaluation (/4), as well as the oral exam (/3) which takes place in December (off session). It includes questions on vocabulary and the content of the 4 topics of the presentations and the topics seen in class (The language of presentations, How to use visuals, Describing graphs & trends, Speed Networking).

- Written component: 10 points
Vocabulary, advanced grammar (connectives), listening comprehension and writing (key words and vocabulary specific to the topic + writing an essay on one the 4 topics of the presentations + writing a report). Regarding the written report, the teacher requires the student to analyse a TED Talk video (student´s choice) in terms of content and public speaking skills.

Evaluation is based on 4 weekly tests (throughout the term, /2) and based on the written exam which takes place at the beginning of December (/5) (exam off session) and the written report (/3).
If the student does not submit the written report, the grade for this part of the course will be 0A. Furthermore, the global grade shall be 0/20 (NP). The same conditions apply for the oral and the written exam.
By the end of the term, the students receive a grade for the whole term, based on the aforementioned distribution. The course is passed with a grade of 10/20 or higher for the full year.

Catch-up exam organised in September: same grade weight but continuous assessment marks are no longer taken into account. The student must present one of the topics of the course (individually) for 10 minutes during the oral exam and also answer questions on the course content. There is also a written exam. The student will also have to submit the written report (cf. above).

Recommended or required reading :
Syllabus ANGL1392 (POLS) 2021-2022.

Other information :
Participation to the interactive courses is compulsory.
3 unjustified absences are permitted during the term.
However, if the student is absent during an oral or written test, the grade will be 0 (0A) for this test if the absence is not justified (medical certificate or force majeure).
In excess of these three absences, each new absence will need to be justified by a medical certificate or by a duly substantiated written justification. If not justified, any additional absences shall be penalised in the mark for continuous assessment.
The teaching methods and assessment modes can still be influenced by circumstances and restrictions related to the Covid-19 pandemic. We will strictly follow the changes imposed by USL-B in the context of the pandemic.