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ESN Saint-Louis Brussels


ESN Saint-Louis Brussels is the circle that deals with the reception and integration of international exchange students at the Université Saint-Louis - Bruxelles.


Its mission is to take care of and represent international students. ESN Saint-Louis Brussels provides opportunities for cultural exchange and promotes personal development, always in a logic in which students help other students.


The activities that ESN Saint-Louis Brussels organizes are always executed with the aim of corresponding to at least one of the 6 causes of ESN International:



Education and Youth

Sustainable development,

Health and wellness

Skills and empowerment

Social inclusion


As an example, the activities that we have already organized and that we organize on a regular basis are movienights, international dinners, quiz nights, conversation tables in French and/or English, Big Volunteer Days, city trips to allow international students to discover the emblematic cities of Belgium, etc.


In addition, the ESN Saint-Louis Brussels section regularly sends a delegation to the numerous ESN national (5 GAs per year) and ESN international (2 GAs per year) general assemblies that take place throughout the year.


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