Saint-Louis University - Bruxelles

Student's circles


The Saint-Louis Folklore Circle (Le Cercle Saint-Louis, CSL) is a student association for current and former students that acts to preserve and promote Saint-Louis’ unique student traditions.


The Discussion Group on Ecological Affairs at Saint-Louis (Le Cercle de Réflexion sur l'Ecologie Saint-Louis, CRESL) is a group that strives to promote respect for the environment in our university.


 Kilimandjaro is open to all students at Saint-Louis. Its goal is to promote dialogue between students coming from different cultures and from different parts of the globe. Encouraging each culture to reach out to the other is its leitmotif.


The Amnesty International 506 Group is linked to "Amnesty International Belgique Francophone (AIBF)”. The 506 group organises a range of activities to raise awareness among students at Saint-Louis about human rights issues.



The Liberal Students Group (Le Cercle des Etudiants Libéraux, CEL) promotes the fundamentals of democracy and freedom, from political, economic and social standpoints.


The International Network of Students of Economics and Business at Saint-Louis (L'Association Internationale des Etudiants en Sciences Economiques et Commerciales de Saint-Louis) is the world’s largest youth-led network run by students and young graduates. AIESEC is non-political and is ranked among the most democratic organisations in the world. It is active in 110 countries and has more than 86 000 members. Its goal is to provide an opportunity for young people to develop their leadership skills and to have a positive impact on society. AIESEC also organises a large number of humanitarian and professional work placements abroad.


The Organised and Combative Youth of Saint Louis (Les Jeunes Organisés et Combatifs de Saint-Louis, JOC) is a newly established and formally recognised political group at the university that seeks to raise awareness among students about society’s inherent inequalities. The JOC is not linked to a political party but defends a left-of-centre vision. Inform, take action and spur people to react are this group’s leitmotif.


The Guild of Knickers (L'Ordre de la Petite Culotte, OPC) is an association for past and present female students at Saint-Louis. The Guild seeks to maintain, deepen and build bonds of friendship between the different generations of female students at Saint-Louis, in a light-hearted and enjoyable atmosphere.


The Guild of Saint-Louis Scholars (L'Ordre Académique de Saint-Louis, SLMPO) is an association that springs from the university’s history and traditions that is open to Saint-Louis students. Its goal is to provide a venue where present and former students can meet in a spirit of friendship, mutual support and solidarity.

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