Saint-Louis University - Bruxelles

Emergency assistance and safety


In case of emergency




51100: from any fixed phone in Saint-Louis;

0499 670 455: from any other phone.


Sick or injured persons


If a person is sick or injured stay calm and give a description of the problem indicating where you are calling from, and more specifically the building where the injured person is located, the floor number, and the exact location (room, etc). A first-aider will immediately be sent. Unless it is unavoidable, you should not try to move the sick or injured person.


Fire Alarm


If you hear the alarm, leave the building following the designated escape routes. If you see an incipient fire and can use an extinguisher then attempt to extinguish the fire but if you are unable to do so at the first attempt then leave the location, closing the door behind you and raise the alarm immediately (using the push-button alarms located on the walls in red boxes and/or by telephone, using the numbers indicated above).


In case of fire, leave the building following the designated escape route that appears to be the safest. Never open a hot door. Never enter a corridor if it is filled with smoke.  Do not use the lifts. When you leave the building, move to a safe distance.


If you are trapped in a room, place a tissue against the windowpane to indicate your presence, close all doors and windows and wait for the firefighters to arrive.

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