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Staying in the loop at Saint-Louis



Online services


A range of important teaching and communication support services and tools can be accessed via the web. The menu on this page provides links to them. 


The Intranet


The intranet allows you to consult all your registration and faculty details (related to both your administrative records, programme of study & courses), the faculty notice boards, and job offers.


To login to the intranet, you will need your student number (numéro de rôle) and the password given to you when you enrolled. You will be able to access all the essential information you need, as and when you need it.


Notice Boards


Each faculty possesses its own notice boards, both traditional* and electronic**. They provide all the information students may need regarding timetabling, urgent messages, rescheduled or cancelled courses, personalised reminders, important dates & events on the university agenda, and much more besides.


Both the Admissions and the Student Support Office have their own notice boards.


We strongly recommend that you consult the notice boards every day.


*Faculty notice boards are located in the Marais building, 109, on the 3rd floor - near to the administrative offices. Notice boards belonging to the Admissions and Student Support Offices are located on the 1st floor of the same building

**The electronic notice boards can be consulted via the intranet.  


Online courses


eSaintlouis is a portal to course websites developed and managed by certain lecturers. Please note that not all courses have such individual websites, and they do not necessarily follow the same format.




The university will provide you with an email address at enrolment. However, you may wish to use another address to communicate with us. If so, you can easily change your registered email address via the intranet and we will use this one for all official correspondance.


Social Networks


The university’s Facebook and Twitter accounts are managed by the Communication Office.


They offer both official information - as well as the more offbeat variety - regarding what is happening at Saint-Louis. So sign in and join in !

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