Saint-Louis University - Bruxelles

The Academic Guidance Service (AGS)


The Université Saint-Louis provides a comprehensive Academic Guidance Service (AGS). The AGS is not only an open door, but it is also a range of practical measures designed to help you to succeed in your studies.


Should your test reveal any weaknesses, you will be offered the opportunity to attend study groups, and study-skill sessions, which are organised by the AGS.


Following the January examination session you may be offered individual academic counselling with either a member of the AGS or a member of the teaching staff, with the aim of helping you to overcome any continuing difficulties.


The AGS also organises study support sessions during revision periods. This includes exam simulations, individual counselling, stress management workshops, and discussion groups on themes as diverse as the impact of nutrition, sleep, or physical activity on concentration and memory.


The Academic Guidance Service

Botanique 38 (parking 119 Marais), office: B13, B15 et B16

Online services: SOAR1000 (sur Moodle et sur Teams)

Tel.: 02 792 35 48

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