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Brussels, Saint-Louis and Culture



Brussels is a historic city and a vibrant cultural hub. It is a medley of national cultures (French, Dutch and German-speaking), and is also enriched by numerous international cultural movements.


Whether you were born in Brussels, elsewhere in Belgium, or abroad, you can enjoy guided visits, discovery walks, museums, remarkable monuments, and much more besides, enabling you to explore, or indeed discover, the city, its history, its cultural riches and its folklore, afresh. Brussels also straddles past and present; in addition to its historic sites, it is a living city where there is always something to see or do, including festivals, concerts, shows and exhibitions.


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To do, to see, where to go?


Saint-Louis is part of this living city, benefiting from its diversity and vibrancy, and also contributing to it. Culture is a essential part of a university education, and also enriches life at the university for members of staff.


In order to promote cultural and social activities the university set up the Council for Social Policy.


Of course, Saint-Louis’ students, who devote energy and commitment to their own cultural activities, and their own folklore, need little encouragement. They are especially active through, in particular, the Centre d’Action Universitaire (CAU) and the Cercle Saint-Louis (CSL).

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