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Students with specific profiles (PEPS)


The Université Saint-Louis - Bruxelles is committed to inclusive education and supports students with specific profiles. These students can obtain accommodations, particularly with regard to their course program and the organization of their exams, which will allow them to study in the best possible way.



You are a student:



with a disability, disabling disease or disorder

High level (or promising) athletes

Top student artists 

Students pursuing an entrepreneurial project


Access to PEPS (Project for Students with Special Profiles) status follows a procedure regulated, by the Decree on Inclusive Higher Education of April 9, 2014, and may provide access to reasonable educational, cultural, material or social accommodations.


 All requests are subject to a precise analysis by the PEPS Unit and the competent authorities in order to obtain the status.




Special Needs Unit

Clara Wauthy



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