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Grants to sponsor students with limited means


Call for candidates


In order to keep a balance between incoming and outgoing students between Université Saint-Louis - Bruxelles and its partners outside the EU, Saint-Louis launches 6 grants of 500 euros to help financing the stay in Brussels.


Saint-Louis has many partners outside EU countries where more and more Saint-Louis students spend a semester every year. However, some of those partners are not able to send as many students to Saint-Louis. To keep the agreement meaningful for both sides and keep a balance in the students exchanges, Saint-Louis launches 6 grants of 500 euros to help financing an exchange stay in Brussels.


This grant is offered to students with limited means and enrolled at a partner university located in a country where the cost of living is significantly lower than in Belgium. This grant cannot be added to an Erasmus + grant offered by the European Commission.


A maximum of two grants will be attributed to the same partner.


Applications should include :

Letter of motivation

Curriculum Vitae

Saint-Louis application form


And should be sent to and


Applications are accepted twice a year: on November 1 and on June 1 and will be reviewed by the International Office. Notifications will be sent to the applicant within 4 weeks.

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