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Study Grant from the French-speaking Community of Belgium


This section explains the conditions that you must meet in order to be entitled to a study grant and qualify automatically for a full waiver of your tuition fees (waiver of the minerval).


Everything you need to know about study grants (application procedures, conditions, etc.)

Income Conditions

Making an Application at Saint-Louis

Other Benefits

Student and Social Affairs Service (SAES) The Student Welfare Service (SAES)


Maximum income conditions


Follow this link to find out about the maximum income conditions applicable to students applying for a study grant for the 2014-2015 academic year.


Follow this link to consult the income conditions laid down by the French-speaking Community of Belgium.


The income ceilings indicated represent the maximum incomes allowed. If the income indicated on the official tax assessment notice (AER 2014) is higher, even by a small amount, the French-speaking Community of Belgium cannot offer a grant/bursary.


Applications for a study grant/ must be submitted by registered post between the 01 July and 31 October.

Higher Education Study Bursary Department

Rue du Meiboom, 16/18 - 1000 Brussels


How to apply at Saint-Louis


In order to avoid the need to pay tuition fees upfront, it is recommended that you deliver your application in person to the Student Welfare Service from the start of June. Your application should include the documents listed here.


What benefits are available to students who are eligible for a study bursary?


A full waiver of tuition fees (waiver of the ‘minerval’).

Free course documentation and a 50% reduction on books.

A meal allowance of 100 €. This allowance is disbursed once in each academic term to students enrolled on daytime* programmes. If you wish to make an application, please fill out this form.

*on the condition that your application is complete and approved by the Student Welfare Service (SAES)




For the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Philosophy, Languages & Literatures, and Human Sciences


Aides financières et sociales

Marais 109 - 1st floor

Tel. : 02 211 78 08


Office Hours

Tuesday and Thursday between 10.00 am and 12.00 noon or with appointment


For the Faculty of Economics, Social and Political Sciences and Communication and for Marie Haps Faculty of Translation and Interpreting


Aides financières et sociales

Marais 119 - 3rd floor

Tel. : 02 792 36 07


Office Hours from 9th of March

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday between 10.00 am and 12.00 noon and

Monday, Tuesday between 2.30 pm and 3.30 pm.

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