Saint-Louis University - Bruxelles



Research is one of the Institute for European Studies’ three missions, alongside teaching and further training.  


In its capacity as an interdisciplinary research institute, IEE federates and supports the research activities in European affairs that are conducted within Université Saint-Louis’s research centres. It thus brings together academics and researchers, whether PhD students or PhDs recipients, in political science, law, economics, history, philosophy, and communication science who are working on European integration. The institute offers them a European Documentation Center that is recognised by the European Commission.


IEE’s federating role is seconded by the research activity that the institute carries out under its own banner. This agenda of specific research encompasses broad areas of investigation dealing with the internal and international dimensions of the European Union’s policies and institutions. It can be broken down into 6 major axes of research, as follows:


Axe 1 - Democracy, Regulation, and Legitimacy


Axe 2 - Constitution-making and European Citizenship


Axe 3 - Borders and Migrations


Axe 4 - EU and Global Affairs


Axe 5 - Environment and Sustainable Development


Axe 6 - Political Economy and Social Cohesion