Saint-Louis University - Bruxelles

Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence: Un-Muting Europe (EUNMUTE)



The Centre of Excellence (CoE) aims to create an interdisciplinary platform to allow researchers, students, policymakers and civil society actors to better understand the EU’s added value in addressing key challenges of our times.


The CoE explore how EU action enables our societies to tackle five challenges:


-         safeguarding the rule of law

-        ensuring inclusiveness

-        preserving climate and natural resources

-        fostering a digital future for Europe

-        strengthening democracy


The Centre of Excellence unpacks the EU’s “un-muting power” by showing how it can improve the quality of democracy by giving voice to those who are usually outpowered, outnumbered or voiceless.


The project brings together 10 leading scholars with strong experience in teaching and researching, and coming from different disciplines: law, political science, political theory and sociology.


The Centre of Excellence carries out three types of activities: research, teaching, and outreach.