Saint-Louis University - Bruxelles


(March 2022 - February 2025)



Scientists argue that we have entered a new epoch in planetary history, the Anthropocene geological era, defined by problematic human-caused planetary transformations and disruptions. How can governments develop new governance tools to tackle the challenge of preserving our environment in such new era?


The “European Union and Global Green Politics: the Anthropocene Challenge” (EUGlobalGreen) Jean Monnet Chair will be a novel and intensive programme that aims to foster both new teaching and excellence in research to precisely answer this timely question, mobilizing EU studies for global governance achievements.


The Chair consists of, each year:


90 teaching hours, introducing a diversity of students to the specificity of the European Union (EU) as a global actor for environmental challenges ; and

the development of an EUGlobalGreen Toolbox, made of:

- learning material comprising at least 5 case studies (EUGlobalGreen Case Studies) ;

- 4 video capsules (EUGlobalGreen Talks) ;

- 4 online speaker series events (EUGlobalGreen Speaker Series) (15 case studies, 12 talks and 12 videos in total).


that will be available as open educational resources (OER).


In addition to these yearly teaching and research activities, delivered both in English and French, the Chair also includes a scientific workshop and 2 international peer-reviewed publications comprising an edited book and an open access (OA) special issue within an academic journal.


Prof. Amandine Orsini, expert in International and European Studies and with an internationally recognised specialisation on environmental issues, will lead the Chair, in collaboration with a team of junior PhD and post-doc researchers and administrative staff with complementary expertise .


Considering the relevance and urgency of its topic, in line with several EU Commission work programme priorities, the Chair is aimed at a very diverse audience, both in academia and beyond.