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IES- Saint-Louis hosts a European Documentation Centre (EDC). The EDC is sponsored by the European Commission and forms part of the European network of European Documentation Centres.


EDCs are predominantly located at universities and higher education and research institutes. Although mainly addressed to academics and researches, anyone can visit an EDC to consult official EU publications.   




Disseminate documents and publications received from various official institutions of the European Union to all interested persons.


Contribute to promoting and developing education and research on European integration. The EDC at IES Saint-Louis provides direct support to its academics and researchers.


Promote active debate on European integration.


Contribute to the transparency of European policies and its decision-making process.


Services offered


The EDC collects and disseminates documents and official publications that it receives from various EU institutions such as: proceedings of the European Commission, Official Journal of the European Union, cases of the European Court, statistical publications of the publishing department (OPOCE) and other official documents.


Computers are available at the EDC to consult online EU Databases, including Eur-Lex, Eurostat, Curia, Scadplus and Prelex.


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Opening hours and Access


Address: 119 rue du Marais, 4th floor, 1000 Bruxelles.

Tel. : 02 211 78 13


Monday, Tuesday and Thursday: 10 am - 12.00 pm and 14 pm - 18 pm

Wednesday: 14 pm - 16.30 pm

Friday: 10 am - 12.30 pm




Postal Address

Université Saint-Louis/ Saint-Louis University

Institut d'études européennes/ Institute for European Studies

Centre de documentation européenne/ European Documentation Centre

43, Boulevard du Jardin botanique • 1000 Brussels