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Support for Special Needs Students


The University provides a range of specific arrangements designed to ensure that special needs students enjoy genuine equality of access to both studies and examinations. A Support Unit, which has been officially approved by the Commission Communautaire Francophone (Cocof), has been set up to pursue this goal.


Known as the ‘EBS’ Unit (étudiants à besoins spécifiques), it is a welcome and support service aimed at students who suffer from:


short-term health problems

sensory or motor problems

learning difficulties (dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysorthography, etc.)

a disability.


The goals of the EBS Unit are to support and encourage special needs students and to facilitate their access to university study by offering them a level playing field in relation to other students.



What support is offered?


A meeting is organised with the student in order to assess their situation and determine their physical and learning needs. The assessment may be undertaken in collaboration with a specialised learning support service if required.


Two ‘levels’ of support are possible:


specific ad hoc support

personalised and continuous teaching support


The particular type of support that is provided may come in a range of different forms depending on the particular need. For example:


the university’s departments, teaching staff and students may need to be made aware of the difficulties faced by the special needs student;


support may be provided to help students with administrative obligations vis-à-vis the university and external bodies;


different types of study support may be provided, with, for example: note-taking, working methods, a sign language interpreter, adapted examination arrangements, access to library resources, etc.;


the University will collaborate with specialised learning support services, helpers and other support, where appropriate;


mediation with the academic and administrative authorities and teaching staff can also be provided.


How to apply for support


Students requiring support should make a request to the EBS unit by filling in this document from June 15 of the summer before the start of the academic year and, at the latest, by 30 September of the academic year. The request may be made by students who have already initiated a request for admission to Saint-Louis.


The student will be required to provide all necessary supporting documentation with their request, and in particular:

a decision notification from a public body responsible for the integration of handicapped persons;

a report detailing the student’s ability to function independently within the university, drawn up by a medical specialist or by a multi-disciplinary team. The report must be less than a year old at the time the request is submitted.


The request and all associated documents must be submitted to the EBS Unit between 15 June and 30 September of the academic year in which admission is being sought.


After examining the student’s request and where a favourable decision to grant special needs status is made by the academic authorities, the EBS Unit will draw up a personalised support plan - at the latest within the three months following the decision and in liaison with the student and Faculty concerned - and will ensure its implementation. The personalised support plan remains in place for one academic year and is renewed for each year that the student pursues their programme of study.


Obligations of students in receipt of support


It is incumbent of students granted the status of ‘special needs student’ to do all they can to respect the support plan developed for them. In addition, special needs students should inform the EBS Unit of any new need or of any new arrangement they believe is necessary.




Special Needs Unit

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