Saint-Louis University - Bruxelles

Teaching staff exchanges (IN)


The Université Saint-Louis - Bruxelles welcomes teaching staff from other Higher Education Institutions participating in the Erasmus+ programme and with which it concluded a bilateral agreement.


If you are interested in taking part in this programme, you should first contact the International Office of your home institution to know if a bilateral agreement for teaching activity does exist with the Université Saint-Louis - Bruxelles. Also please note that the grant provided to contribute to travel and subsistence costs is managed by your home University.


In case Saint-Louis does not have an agreement with your home institution, we can consider your application only if it includes a letter/email of the relevant authorities at your institution attesting that they would like to discuss the opportunity to conclude such an agreement. Such agreement must be signed before the beginning of the exchanges.


The recommended minimum duration for teaching assignments is five days and must include at least eight teaching hours. Moreover, teaching exchanges should be scheduled at least two months ahead in order to fully and coherently integrate this experience in the regular academic activities of the host institution.


Due to the large amount of applications we receive, teaching staff willing to come to the Université Saint-Louis to enjoy a fruitful teaching experience are requested to fill in the application form highlighting their area of expertise and explaining how such an exchange would benefit both universities. Flexibility in the exchange schedule and its duration is appreciated.


This application form must be sent together with your curriculum vitae to Your application will be carefully examined in collaboration with the department concerned in order to assess whether the visit fits with its plan of work and academic timetables. You will be notified by email of the final admission decision within a month after your submission.


A testimony


Aya Akkawi, teacher in English literature at Yarmouk University (Jordan), came to Université Saint-Louis - Bruxelles with the Erasmus+ fund (2021-2022)


"By far, the greatest experience I had through my academic teaching was the Erasmus+ academic exchange which I spent in Saint-Louis University-Brussels. I was chosen by the department of International Projects at Yarmouk University to carry out a teaching assignment at USL-B in English Literature. As I collaborated with professor Ingrid Bertrand, professor Paul Arblaster and professor Kathy Haykal,  I had the opportunity to see how currently one of the best Higher Educational systems in the world is (Belgium) running and it helped me come up with innovative teaching ideas I can utilize in my career as a professor. From this amazing teaching experience, I gained so many great relationships and experiences that motivated me to better my skills as a professor. I was happy when students in class responded to my questions and engaged with the arguments and discussions presented in class. 

On the social and cultural level, I always thought of myself as a sociable person and love to experience different cultures. In Brussels, the people were welcoming and friendly. It was comforting talking with totally random people on the street asking for directions or for the best restaurants. The most beautiful thing was that even if they didn’t speak English, they were willing to help me. Losing myself in the city was another experience I enjoyed.

I was sad after I finished my visit to Saint Louis University and Brussels, but I wish that one day I would collaborate with the beautiful staff there and meet again. If you are a professor or a college student, I would recommend you choose Saint Louis University at Brussels or you will lose a lot."

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