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Academic Staff Week


In March 2019, Saint-Louis organized its first Academic Staff Week. Due to its success, both the university authorities and the participants wanted to renew the experience and this event now takes place every year.


During this week, SLB welcomes colleagues from other European universities that have signed a partnership agreement, allowing them to teach a class as part of a course or to make an intervention during a seminar, a conference or a doctoral seminar.

This initiative, that takes place within the context of the Erasmus + program, is an opportunity, for Saint-Louis, to strengthen its bonds with partner institutions while enabling teachers from both institutions to expand their network and possibly create future collaboration.


The program includes interventions in courses, seminars, organizing conferences or doctoral seminars, cultural and social activities, networking events etc.


As an example, at the first edition in March 2019; nine teachers from eight partner universities (four European and four non-European: Japan, the US, Jordan and Russia), took part in different courses in our institution. All departments were concerned and represented.


The 5th Edition of the Academic Staff Week will be held from 25th March to 29th March 2024 and is renowned


You would like to invite a colleague from another European university to come in your Office or to give a session as part of one of your courses, seminars or a conference or even a doctoral seminar? You have come to the right place. You have not yet expressed your interest?  Contact us




Alban Tartari, Université de Tirana, Albanie (staff week 2023)


I visited USL-B during the Staff Week period, March 12-17, 2023. I was not expecting such a high interest from my academic collegues, administrative staff -especially international relations office, and students. I was involved in two courses and gave a seminar. Also, I met collegues, lecturers and doctoral students and exchanges info and views with them. USL-B was very interested on having our experience and expertise shared with them and with theirs students. They got involved personally with me, and this was a great sign of hospitality. Also, they organised very good activities, starting with the welcoming ceremony, until the official walking dinner. They gave support in every direction: organising the mobility, orienting related to accomodation; general info related to Brussels and university, etc. I had a great experience at USL-B and shared this info also with my university, IRO and deputy-Rector, engaged in academic research. I will suggest my colleagues to see the opportunities in the comming staff weeks to visit this university.




Svetlana Eisner, Moscow State Linguistic University, Russia (Staff Week 2020)


"Despite the disruption caused by the Coronavirus outbreak, my experience in Saint-Luis, Brussels was most useful and enjoyable.

I was particularly impressed by how well the week was organized. The administrative support was fantastic, and I was made to feel most welcome.

It was a pleasure to have such an engaged audience. The students showed real interest in Russia, Russian culture and the subject as a whole.  The academic staff were most supportive and keen to exchange methods of teaching.

This exchange program is excellent, and it should be continued into the future.  It is useful to both, students and lecturers, as students are able to learn from lecturers who are native speakers and lecturers can exchange practical methods of teaching translation.

I look forward to the return visit with anticipation."



Guido Gorgoni, Universidad degli studi di Padova, Italy (Staff Week 2019)


"After having been at Saint-Louis as a student, it was a pleasure and a honour for me to give back what once I received ; it has been really exciting to enter the classroom and being on the other side of the desk. Classes were pretty interactive, students have always been willing to discuss and to raise interesting questions.

The contact with my colleagues was really positive for me (I hope it was reciprocal) and I think that in the future we could develop our collaboration.

I have been very happy for having the opportunity to teach in a different cultural and linguistic environment, I have been welcomed very well, I hope the experience has been positive also on the other side!"



Dimitrios Vagianos, University of Macedonia, Greece (Staff Week 2019)


"The experience of visiting a partner institution was excellent as I could see how the premises of the University of Saint Louis were along with the administrative and teaching staff. The cooperation between our Universities will be set to another level after the meetings organised during the International week.

Regarding the teaching experience, it is always useful to interact with an audience of another country, whose educational model is something that you are not aware off. This experience increased the job satisfaction and can possible contribute to the self esteem in the future carreer.  Finally, meeting new colleagues coming from both the hosting University and its partner Universities globally has certainly helped the expansion of my academic/profesional network, a fact of great importance in all professions.

Looking forward to participate in a similar event in the future !"

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