Saint-Louis University - Bruxelles

Bachelor's | 2018-2019 Programmes



All 1st cycle (undergraduate BA) programmes at the Université Saint-Louis - Bruxelles run over three-years and have an value of 180 credits. Please note that a university BA is designed as an entry qualification for a 2nd cycle programme, such as a master’s, rather than a professional qualification.


All our BAs are listed below under their respective faculties:


For the Faculty of Philosophy, Languages and Letters, and Human Sciences


Philosophy (BA)

History (BA)

French and Romance Languages and Letters (BA)

Modern Languages and Letters: German, Dutch and English (BA)


For the Faculty of Law


Law (BA)

Law (BA, evening study)


For the Faculty of Economics, Social and Political Sciences and Communication


Economics and Management (BA)

Business Engineering (BA)

Political Sciences (BA)

Political Sciences (BA, evening study)

Information and Communication (BA)

Sociology and Anthropology (BA)


For the Faculty of Translation and Interpreting


Translation and Interpreting

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