Saint-Louis University - Bruxelles

Leading the way in language learning



Today, language skills matter; and this is nowhere more true than in Brussels, the capital of Europe. At Saint-Louis you can study Romance or German languages and letters, but, with multilingual degree programmes, and optional additional languages too, Saint-Louis has everything you need to become a true polyglot!


You can follow a multilingual degree…


Saint-Louis offers bilingual degrees, in which part of the programme is taught in English and/or Dutch, or trilingual degrees, in which part of the programme is taught in English, and part in Dutch.


If you would like to gain new language skills, broaden your cultural horizons and, by the same token, improve your chances of earning a place on a university exchange programme, a multilingual degree may be for you!


…and choose from a vast range of languages


At Saint-Louis you can also study an additional language from a list of 22 optional language courses. These are offered by Saint-Louis in collaboration with the Institut Libre Marie Haps.


…you can obtain a grant for a summer language course…


Saint-Louis awards grants to support the cost of language courses during the summer, either in Flanders or abroad.


…and, last but not least, you can participate in a student exchange programme!


At Saint-Louis we encourage student mobility between universities both nationally and internationally. In particular, we run three types of exchange programme: ERASMUS Belgica, ERASMUS Europe, and we have a number of exchange agreements with universities located around the world.

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