Saint-Louis University - Bruxelles

Choose a bilingual or trilingual degree


Saint-Louis offers bilingual and trilingual bachelor’s degrees in the following subjects:


History (BA)

Law (BA)

Economics and Management (BA)

Business Engineering (BA)

Political Sciences (BA)

Sociology and Anthropology (BA)

Information and Communication (BA)


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Our approach is a simple one. If you opt for a bilingual or trilingual programme, we will progressively immerse you in your chosen second and/or third languages. In practice, this means that your tuition hours in these languages will increase with each new year of study.


At the start of the year you will be required to take an English and/or Dutch language test. This allows us to assess your language skills and determine if you may be exempt from the corresponding language classes in your chosen programme.


Depending on the faculty concerned, the classes in Dutch are taught either at Saint-Louis or in a full immersion environment at the KU Leuven Campus Brussel. Classes in English are taught at Saint-Louis.


Currently, almost 50% of students, depending on the faculty concerned, follow a multilingual programme.

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