Saint-Louis University - Bruxelles

Student Mobility and Exchange Programmes


At Saint-Louis University we are proud of our support for inter-university mobility; as we have a longstanding specialisation in undergraduate education, we have built up considerable experience in preparing students for second cycle, i.e. postgraduate studies, at another university.


In addition to our highly-regarded BA programmes themselves, we encourage inter-university exchanges during the academic year, and support language study visits during the summer holiday period, which provides students with skills and experience that will stand them in good stead for postgraduate studies.


Each year, we negotiate agreements with other universities, both in Belgium and abroad, so that, while remaining officially a Saint-Louis student, you have the opportunity to follow part of your third-year programme at a partner university. In turn, students of partner universities are able to study part of their BA at Saint-Louis.


And last but not least, for those who wish to study or work abroad, you will find a range of possible options here.



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