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From 14 september 2023, the Université Saint-Louis - Bruxelles becomes UCLouvain.


The course catalogue course catalogue remains unchanged

The courses will continue to be held in the current buildings of Saint-Louis in Brussels

Admission & Enrolment


The Marie Haps Faculty of Translation and Interpreting


Translation and interpreting may be studied as a 3-year Bachelor’s degree (BA) or as a 2-year Master’s degree (MA) either in translation or in interpretation. From the start of the 2015 academic year, Saint-Louis offers a Bachelor’s (BA) programme in translation and interpreting. The programme can be followed at the Marie Haps Faculty of Translation and Interpreting.


What is the difference between translation and interpreting?


Translation is the transposition of a written text in one language, known as the source language, into another language, known as the target language.

Interpretation is the oral rendition of what has been said by a speaker, into another language.

In the Bachelor’s degree (BA) students learn two foreign languages as well as follow advanced French and general courses.


The benefits of choosing to study translation and interpreting at Saint-Louis include:


On-hand and readily available teaching staff

A term-long immersion field trip at the end of the BA programme

An opportunity to study right in the heart of the multilingual European quarter of the EU’s capital city

A new language programme combining English with ‘sign language in French-speaking Belgium’ (LSFB)

The new university Faculty of Marie Haps offers the opportunity to study at a long-established school of translation and interpretation with a reputation for excellence


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