Saint-Louis University - Bruxelles

The Faculty of Law


Society has a growing need to have laws and legal experts capable of taking part in their development and subsequent implementation as well as in their critical review.


Saint-Louis trains these future practitioners. The Faculty of Law offers Bachelor’s degrees during:

Daytime classes

Evening classes


It enables students to specialise in certain fields such as the environment, real estate and human rights through the Advanced Master’s programmes.


It offers the Doctorate in Law as well as several interesting lifelong education programmes such as the Certificate in Mediation and numerous refresher courses.



The specific appeal of Saint-Louis’ programmes


The possibility of following a multilingual programme in law;

The balance between courses in the human sciences and the core fields in law;

The interdisciplinary approach to legal issues;

The choice of minors starting from the second year;

The possibility of an internship in the practice of law during the third year.

De 12h30 à 14h

De 13h à 17h30

de 17h à 19h
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