Saint-Louis University - Bruxelles

2021 - 2022 Programme


The Faculty of Law offers certain students the opportunity to carry out a a job shadowing internship in the practice of law under the guidance of a supervisor.

This job shadowing internship to professional practice can take place in any one of a number of “legal venues”: the Bar, judiciary, public sector, associations, private business entities, etc.

Students must carry out at least 60 hours of observation “in the field”, at the end of which they must write a report on their observations.  The supervisor writes an assessment report on each student.

The entire job-shadowing process mentioned above counts for a 5-credit optional course for students in unilingual option with minor in law or free minor and in bilingual French-Dutch program. For all other students this internship may be choosen as additionnal 5-credits to the optional courses program.