Saint-Louis University - Bruxelles
CU : Course Unit
A : annual
Q1 : first term
Q2 : second term
i : cyclical course held in odd years
p : cyclical course organized in even years
n : course not taught this year
* : course is given in English
** : course is given in Dutch

2022 - 2023 Programme

Bachelor in Law


Students enrolled in an Erasmus Major do not choose optional courses.

Th.+Ex. Crédits/bloc
1 2 3
DROI1122 Philosophy Diane Bernard, Anaïs Jomat, Jeanne-Marie Roux 90h 8
DROI1123 Psychology Mauricio Garcia Peñafiel 60h 5
MHUB1120 Sociology  ** Stef Adriaenssens 30h 3
DROI1120 History of the institutions and law I (Middle Ages - Ancient Regime) Serge Dauchy 30h 4
MHUB1110 Introduction to legal sciences  ** Bert Demarsin 75h 9
DRNL1130 Seminaire on the Sources and Principles of Law Irène Mathy 30h 4
DROI1110 Constitutional Law I Julian Clarenne, Hugues Dumont 45h 5
DROI1111 Roman foundations and history of private law Annette Ruelle 90h 8
DROI1125 Criticism of information sources and seminar in human sciences Pierre-Olivier de Broux, Céline Rase, Caroline Scheepers 30h+30h 6
DROI1130 Legal Methodology seminar Tom Coppée, Colombe de Callataÿ, Valery De Saedeleer, Lucie Dubray, Claire Geraci, Violette Hanon de Louvet, Nicolas Lecoq, Guillaume Poulain, Guillaume Schultz, Thibaut Slingeneyer, Sofia Touhami, Sébastien Vanvrekom 30h 4
DROI1140 English language  * Gina Cipolla, Marleen Cré, Milena Fontana, Françoise Longrée, Melissa Uzumcuoglu 30h 4
DROI1211N Constitutional Law II + Exercises session with casus in Constitutional law Mathias El Berhoumi, Sébastien Van Drooghenbroeck 60h+9h 6
DROI1213 Criminal Law Christine Guillain, Olivia Nederlandt, Thibaut Slingeneyer 70h 6
DROI1218 Property Law (+ exercises session without cases) Nicolas Bernard 30h+6h 3
POLS1122 Economics I Gerd Van Den Eede 30h+15h 5
HDDR1216 Critical Introduction to Contemporary Legal Thought Diane Bernard 30h 4
MHUB1225 History of Public Law  ** Randall Lesaffer, Inge Van Hulle 45h 5
HDDR1213 Law of Obligations + Exercises session with casus Laurent Debroux, Jean-François Germain 60h+9h 6
DERA3000 Erasmus exchange program N. 30
DROI1214N Criminal Procedure + Exercises session with casus in Criminal law and Procedure  ** Christine Guillain 35h+9h 4
DRNL1240 Legal Dutch and Legal English  ** Eadaoin Ni Chaoimh 45h+45h 5
MHUB1380 Individuals, Family and Family Property Right  ** Johan Dumongh 90h 9
DROI1316 Law, ethics and politics  ** Jogchum Vrielink 30h 4
DRNL1312 Contract law and civil liability law + Exercises session with casus  ** Maxime Berlingin, Catherine Delforge 30h+9h 6
DROI1310 Administrative Law + Exercises session with casus Pierre-Olivier de Broux, Bruno Lombaert, François Tulkens 60h+9h 6
DRNL1310 Commercial Law  ** Nicolas Van Damme 60h 5
DROI1318 Labour Law (+exercises session without casus) Amaury Arnould 30h+6h 4
DROI1319 Procedure Law (+ exercises session without casus) Jean-François van Drooghenbroeck 45h+6h 5
DRAN1310 EU Law : Foundations (+ exercises session without casus)  * Jonathan Bauerschmidt, Vincent Delhomme 45h+6h 5
DROI1370 Intellectual property law  ** Sari Depreeuw 30h 4
DRNL1350 Seminar in Legal Theory  ** Evelyne Maes, Jogchum Vrielink 30h 4