Saint-Louis University - Bruxelles

2022 - 2023 Programme


Exchange programmes

The Université Saint-Louis - Bruxelles has concluded exchange agreements with universities located outside of the French-speaking Community of Belgium. Students in Law can take part in an ERASMUS exchange during the second term of their second year. The programme of courses followed during that period represents approximately 30 credits.

These agreements enable students to follow part of their Bachelor’s programme in a partner university while remaining fully enrolled at Saint-Louis.

Three types of exchanges are offered to Saint-Louis students:

  • ERASMUS exchanges with universities in the European Union
  • ERASMUS Belgica exchanges with Belgian Dutch-speaking universities
  • exchanges with non-EU universities on the basis of bilateral agreements.

Click here to consult the list of ERASMUS exchange destinations currently available.

The programmes of the different majors have been adapted for students going on Erasmus:

Grants for linguistic stays

The Faculty of Law awards grants to students who wish to take part in a summer linguistic stay in countries whose official language is English, Dutch or Spanish. The candidates for these grants are selected on the basis of their motivation and on their degree of success in the January exam session. The grant amounts to a maximum of 500 Euros per student.