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About us



The Institute for European Studies (IES) was created in 2007 within Université Saint-Louis - Bruxelles (USL-B). USL-B is one of the six Belgian universities of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation and specialises in the humanities and social sciences.


Since its founding, IES USL-B has quite naturally taken up its position as an institution with three missions, i.e. education, research, and training. It is located in downtown Brussels, a multicultural city in the heart of Europe and the seat of European and international institutions, many interest groups, and a host of multinational companies and non-governmental organisations.




The IES USL-B offers together with the Institute for European Studies at Université catholique de Louvain the following teaching programmes in European Studies (in French and/or in English):


Master - European Studies

Specialised Master - Interdisciplinary Analysis of European Construction

Interuniversity Certificate - Legal and Economic Analysis of European Integration

Interuniversity Certificate - Historical and Cultural Analysis of European Integration


True to the tradition of interdisciplinarity that characterises USL-B, the Institute offers its students an environment that blends the approaches specific to law, economics, political science, history, and philosophy.


The IES USL-B renowned academic staff is complemented by lecturers from a broad range of practitioners, decision-makers, and senior civil servants of the European institutions and diplomatic circles. Its Master and (one-year) Specialised Master in European studies, which are organised jointly with the Institute for European Studies of Université catholique de Louvain (UCL), benefit from the experience of former Presidents of the European Council and Commission, Herman Van Rompuy and Jose-Manuel Barroso, and EU Counter-terrorism Co-ordinator Gilles de Kerchove.




Research is one of the IES USL-B’s three missions, alongside teaching and further training.

As an interdisciplinary research institute, the IES USL-B federates and supports the research activities related to European affairs that are conducted within the research centres of the wider University.


Its broad fields of study can be broken down into the following five major axes of research:

Regulation, deregulation and legitimacy of the European Union

Constitutionalisation of the European Union and European citizenship

Defence and European internal security

Inter-regionalism and the neighbourhood policy

Trade v. Environment in EU Law - Jean Monnet Chair


The Institute has a European Documentation Centre (EDC) recognised by the European Commission. The EDC boasts over 2,000 books along with many other physical and electronic resources and adds several hundred recent works to its collection each year.


The Institute’s research activities include hosting regular seminars, workshops, and international conferences. Its "Midis de l'Europe" are prime opportunities for exchanges between academics and researchers, students, policy-makers, professionals, and, more generally, society as a whole.


In 2013, The IES USL-B launched the Idées d'Europe collection published by Bruylant. The collection is characterised by a multidisciplinary approach that facilitates a better understanding of the major issues facing Europe in all their complexity.


Lifelong training


Europa Plus is a series of training programmes organised by the IES USL-B for businesses, administrations, and other private and public bodies wishing to enrich and update their staff’s knowledge of European policies and the workings of the EU.


These programmes also contribute to training students from prestigious institutions of higher education, including:

Students enrolled in the "EU Study Tour and Internship Programme" set up by the Network for European Studies (Canada), which is a consortium of Canadian universities.

Students from Singapore Management University enrolled in its one-week training course in European affairs.