Saint-Louis University - Bruxelles

HDDR1241 - Foreign legal terminologies : Legal English and reading of Dutch legal texts


Credits : 7

Lecturers :
Teaching assistant :
Mode of delivery :
Face-to-face , first and second term, 75 hours of theory.

Timetable :
First term
Monday from 17:15 to 19:15 at 119 Marais 2200

Language of instruction :
English and Dutch

Learning activities :
HDDR1241B - Reading Dutch legal texts [1 Q. • 30 Th. • Pond. : 2] N.
HDDR1241A - Legal English [2 Q. • 45 Th. • Pond. : 3] Catarina Deraedt

Learning outcomes :
The general learning objective is to acquire active knowledge of a second legal language (English) and a passive knowledge of a third legal language (Dutch).
The teaching unit is composed of two leaning activities:
1. On the one hand, ‘Legal English' (DROI1241A). This course is organised in the second semester during 45 hours by lecturers David Best and Catarina Deraedt;
2. On the other hand, ‘Reading Dutch Legal Texts' (DROI1241B). This course is organised in the first semester during 30 hours by lecturers Line Burssens, Stef Feyen and Dries Van Eeckhoutte.

Prerequisites :
For the Bachelor in Law (Evening Programme) :

Co-requisites :

Course contents :
For more information, see:
DROI1241A - ‘Legal English'
DROI1241B - ‘Reading Dutch Legal Texts'

Planned learning activities and teaching methods :

Assessment methods and criteria :
For the final grade, ‘Legal English' obtains a weighting of 3 and ‘Reading Dutch Legal Texts' gets weighting of 2.

Recommended or required reading :