Saint-Louis University - Bruxelles

Axe 4 - EU and Global Affairs


This research group aims to analyze the EU's relations with its partners in the historical, economic and geopolitical dimensions. It examines the role of the Union as actor and model in the reconfiguration of the international order and global governance. This line of research aims to grasp these relational dynamics, to resituate the Union in its international environment - near or far - and to analyze the impact of these dynamics on international political and economic structures.


This line of research is divided into 3 dimensions.


First, it examines the relations between the European Union and emerging economies and more particularly with China.


Secondly, it deals with the EU's neighbourhood policy of Euro-Mediterranean relations and with Eastern Europe.


Third, it deals with the comparative analysis between the EU and other regional integration processes in the world (ASEAN, MERCOSUR, NAFTA, SAARC) as well as inter-regional relations.


Directors : Jean-Christophe DEFRAIGNE and René LERAY.