UniversitŽé Saint-Louis - Bruxelles

EU Environmental Policies & Law (POLLEN) - Policy Briefs


Participants will be asked to use the knowledge and skills gained during the POLLEN Programme to draft an original and coherent Policy Brief.


Policy Briefs will consist of a concise summary of a particular issue containing up to 4 pages or 1500 words.


It will give balanced information for policymakers and will have an attractive design and may have one or more figures.  


Policy Briefs 2023


        Jury's 1st prize - Katarzyna Aleksandra JANCEWICZ

Raccoon (Procyon lotor): the invasive alien species and a threat to the life and health of EU citizens


       Bella TSACHIDOU

Anaerobic digestion in the battle for organic waste recycling in Greece: Stop wasting Organic Waste!


       Valerija CIELAVA

From green Flanders to green Europe


Policy Briefs 2022


 Jury's 1st prize - Raphael DAHL

Relocating the textile and fashion industry in the EU: How to drive consumption changes towards local and sustainable goods?


2nd ex aequo - Gauthier MARTENS

Marine Protected Areas in jeopardy: How can the European Commission ensure their effective protection


2nd ex aequo - Sarah PETERSMANN

How to address the nitrate contamination of groundwater in Lower Saxony


Policy Briefs 2021


Jury's 1st prize - Marco THALHOFER

How to make Carbon Pricing in Germany more effective and just



EU New Climate Targets: Risks associated with the Revision of the LULUCF Regulation



Illegal logging in Romania – EUTR implementation and urgent actions to be taken



Policy Briefs 2020


Jury's 1st prize - Sandra ZIMMERMANN

Here and no further – Launching a Consensus-based Post-coal Era in the Lusatian Coal Region in Germany



Rethinking (German) Bilateral Climate Finance


Charlotte MULLER

Sustainable Rural Transport in Germany – Tackling motorized individual transport on the national level



Policy Briefs 2019


Jury's 1st prize - Billy-Ray MURAILLE

Indoor Air is Short of Breath: How Can EU Set a Framework for a Healthy Indoor Air – A Consumer Approach


Mathilde DE BECKER

Environmental Impact of the Clothing Industry: Strengthen the Role of the European Union



"The Uneasy Role of Waste Incineration in a Circular EU Economy"



Policy Briefs 2018


Jury's 1st prize - Shruti MEHROTA

"Seaweed: Can it Help Accelerate Global Carbon Capturing Efforts?"



"The Dead End of our Trash: Plastics in Marine Life"



Policy Briefs 2017


Jury's 1st prize - Abdelfeteh BITAT

"Time for Environmental Regulation to Pave the Way for Eco-Innovation"


Charlotte JANSSENS

"Learning from CDM for Article 6.4 of the Paris Agreement: Delivering on Sustainable Development"



"Tackling Illegal Logging: a Response at the Consumer Level"