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EU Environmental Policies & Law (POLLEN)


My Pollen Talks


As a part of the final assessment (40%), My Pollen Talks are compulsory for the POLLEN Module participants. They consist of a short oral presentation before a jury in a public session.


My Pollen Talks should be interspersed with Power Point presentations including pictures, facts, & figures and should be no longer than five minutes. They are followed by a Q&A session which lasts five minutes.


My Pollen Talks 2024


Anna Kosteletzky: Chasing Thrills, Protecting Hills - Tackling Off-Skiing Issues in European Resorts



Jana Steffens: Mow less, Grow more: From Urban Lawns to Urban Meadow



 Antoine Thill: Renewables Acceleration Areas With Shortened and Simplified Permitting Processes: How to Ensure Proportionality between Conflicting Interests at Stake?




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