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EU Environmental Policies & Law (POLLEN)


Alumni testimonials 2022



The POLLEN programme is a lecture and discussions based study format which is highly informative and really up-to-date. I gained a broad overview about the environmental policies and instruments of the European Union including such extensive policy packages as the Euorpean Green Deal and Fit for 55. Current events like the beginning of the Russian-Ukrainian war and its implications in general as well as for international environmental politics and the EU were directly included in the discussions. The lectures from practitioners and scientists as well as the exchange with engaged young people from all over Europe enriched my studies and inspired me for my professional future! 


Sarah Petersmann (2022, Leuphana University Lüneburg, Germany )


POLLEN is a great opportunity to deal with at one of the most relevant topics of our time. It gives you a very good overview of how the EU is trying to combine forces to handle environmental issues and in what way legal and social initiatives are needed to enforce the goals set by the EU. I very much enjoyed the different lectures and getting to know the participants coming from diverse backgrounds !


Michelle Biallowons (2022, Bayreuth University, Germany)


The POLLEN science school gave me a broad and unique overview about different topics in environmental policy and law and we could profit from the practical work experience of lecturers with diverse backgrounds and the different insights from other participants. That really helped me to get a better understanding of how environmental policy works in practice and is a real add-on for my studies. The course structure was very beneficial for learning and we had interesting discussions after the lectures. Overall, for everyone interested in environmental policy, I can fully recommend to participate in the POLLEN school.


Justine Quast (2022, Bayreuth University, Germany)


POLLEN is a very good programme for everyone looking to get a good overview of EU Environmental Law and Policy by a wide array of speakers contributing multiple perspectives. Situated in the heart of Europe it’s the perfect opportunity to meet and connect with international students and young professionals.


Joshua Leßmann (2022, Universität Konstanz, Germany)


POLLEN is a truly unique programme giving an extensive overview of EU environmental law and policies. The organisation was excellent and the organisers were always available throughout the course. The lectures were high-quality and really engaging. My understanding of environmental law and policies strongly increased within these two weeks.

Since the module has many topics and the participants came from different backgrounds (law, political science, natural science etc.), the course was very interdisciplinary and we had great discussions and inputs from different points of view. It was also a great opportunity to meet new people and broaden our networks.

I highly recommend this programme to everyone who is interested in the connections between environmental and climate issues and European law.


Grünewald, Susanne (2022, Bayreuth University, Germany)


The course is a unique winter school experience where we can deepen our knowledge in the European Law and Polices on the environmental issues.

It is also a great opportunity to meet interesting  people from all around Europe. The staff is very kind and available during the whole time to help us when needed.


Nathan Talmi (2022, Université Saint-Louis - Bruxelles, Belgium)


The main reason that encouraged me of My Pollen module is to get new knowledge on European environmental law and policies as well as on multilateralism processes that are currently implemented. Through two weeks of relevant lectures covering the plethora of actual environmental issues such as air quality, nuclear waste management or agriculture and biodiversity I ended up with an overview of the actual mechanisms at the European scale and on legal challenges that need to be tackled. Besides, with regards to the evaluation I really enjoyed being able to redact a policy brief for a designated player. It appeared as a perfect exercise for my future professional development.


The human experience has been animated by international and interdisciplinary perspectives, which made My Pollen programme really special to me. We either shared intense and formal conversations dedicated to serious topics or more relaxed moments which allowed us to get to know each other.


Thus, It has been a real pleasure to take part in My POLLEN which I therefore highly recommend to everyone interested in European environmental law and environmental issues.


I deeply feel thankful and privileged for letting me take part in My POLLEN.


Aurèle de Thibault (2022, ULB, Belgium)




Alumni testimonials 2021


The programme really helped me get a deeper understanding of the various topics covered by European Law. It presented excellent and relevant insights from practitioners and academics. My understanding of European law and how to design certain environmental policies grew a lot. I would recommend this programme to everyone interested in deepening their knowledge of how environmental topics are treated within the European Union.



Alumni testimonials 2019


On the overall quality of the POLLEN Module:

“I found that it was an excellent quality of content, speakers and reflection”


Regarding better understanding of EU policies and law:

“The module helped bring me up to speed in various areas of policy that I was less familiar with.”


Regarding the overall experience and what it gives to the future:

“It gave me the knowledge and thus the opportunity to spread all this lessons which I acquired to others in my community.”

“I didn't have identified needs. I came in this module to open my eyes and to have a first broad approach. It helped me acquire knowledge by reading what I thought interesting and by having someone sharing their experiences (speakers).”

“It is thanks to you that I learned how should be write a policy brief, I never did it before. Moreover, it was the first time when I wrote in english about an environmental issue, involving the use of the specific vocabulary related to the environmental domain.”




Alumni testimonials 2017


"I followed the POLLEN Module during the second year of my master at the faculty of Bio-science Engineering at KU Leuven. Gaining already a strong scientific background during my studies, I felt I missed some knowledge on the policy aspect of environmental challenges. Understanding the problem is only one side of the coin, we also need to construct and implement the solutions using effective policies. The POLLEN Module has proved to be a very valuable addition to my master. 


POLLEN is an intensive and enriching two-week programme where you learn a great deal regarding European policy of a variety of environmental issues, going for example from biodiversity and air pollution to climate change and circular economy. The sessions where both informative and interactive, and the range of different professional experts that we were presented with is outright impressive. The programme goes beyond any two-week course through an active learning forum up front of the course and the development of a policy brief after. The course has provided me with valuable skills and insights on environmental policy and law. Moreover, it has been a great experience to interact with the other participants who all have their own perspective on the environmental challenges we face. Lastly, I have expanded my network and met interesting people, which will facilitate the further development of my professional career.


I would recommend this course to any master/PhD student or professional who wishes to engage in an intensive and instructive experience, where you will acquire new skills and insights on European environmental policy and law!”