Saint-Louis University - Bruxelles

The Council of the Marie Haps Faculty of Translation and Interpreting

The Faculty Council is composed of the Dean, as acting president, and at least five members from each group in the faculty community: academic, support staff, and students.


The Faculty Council makes recommendations regarding the faculty’s teaching and research policy to the Management Board, including on such matters as the creation, modification or discontinuance of study programmes.


The Faculty Council  determines teaching strategy and general arrangements for student supervision and support. It is responsible for course coordination, including practical classes, and for organising examinations.


*Membership of the Council is based on the provisions set out in the decree of 21 September 2012 on student participation and representation in higher education.                                           



Academic Staff


General Courses: Gabriela de Pierpont

English: Paul Arblaster

French: Olivier Hambursin

Italian: Laurent Béghin

Arabic: Gaetan du Roy de Blicquy

Chinese: Chun Zi Wang



Research and Teaching Support Staff


Spanish: Anne De Smet

German: Isabel Kniebs

Dutch: Guy Sirjacobs

Sign language: Marie-Thérèse Jamart

Russian: Cécile Frogneux        

Turkish: Pierre Vanrie


Alternate Members: Mmes Manon Delcour, Françoise Gallez, Seher Gökçe, Isabelle Hulin, Emmanuelle Lenel, Marina Riapolova, Julie Schwarz et Sylviane Teuwen, MM. Olivier Delsaux, Sebastiano Ferrari, Mohsen Hantout, Christian Marcipont and Mehdi Mouslim .



Student Members


Ms. Emy Becker, Romane Cailteur, Charlotte Leclerq, Justine Lefèvre, Clara Regaert and Aurélie Schwers.   

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