Saint-Louis University - Bruxelles

The Research Council


The Research Council


makes recommendations for the promotion of research at Saint-Louis

issues its opinion on the establishment of research centres and research posts

manages the research budget allocated by the Management Board, takes funding decisions in relation to, and monitors the expenditure of, individual and collective research projects.


The Council is composed of eighteen full members and two observer members.



Cartuyvels Yves



Martine Willems         



Bailleux Antoine

Bousmar Eric

de Broux Pierre-Olivier

de Sadeleer Nicolas  

Delmotte Florence

Desmette Philippe

Duez Denis

Dufrasne Marie

Étienne Dany

Franssen Abraham

Grandjean Gilles

Hubert Michel

Landenne Quentin

Nederlandt Olivia

Rizcallah Cecilia


Observer Members

De Spiegeleir Sophie

Fadoua Messaoudi


Administrative Secretary

Delphine Lobet

Sara Correa Roa

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