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Registrations: FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


How do I apply for the bachelor's degree?


When registering for the first time or re-registering after at least one year's interruption, the first step for everyone is to apply online.


All applications must be submitted online, by filling in the form available from March on the Bachelor web page.


To help you, download the instructions for use and the memo of required documents..



If you are of non-European nationality and do not reside in Belgium, you must obtain a study visa to come and study in Belgium. The visa application must be submitted to the Belgian embassy in your country of residence after receiving a registration authorisation from us.


Please note that the procedure for obtaining an enrolment authorisation as well as the procedure for obtaining a study visa can take 3 to 6 months to complete. It is important that you submit your application in March and no later than 30 April of the academic year preceding your enrolment.


If you are of European nationality or if you already reside in Belgium, the deadline for submitting your application is 30 September (course starts mid-September).  


Tip: In order to start your year of study with confidence, we advise you to submit your application by 31 August at the latest.


Applications submitted in October are subject to the approval of the Dean or Academic Director of the programme concerned.


Beyond 31 October, "late" applications may be submitted if justified by exceptional circumstances. The academic authorities make a decision and submit an opinion to the Government which authorises or refuses the "late" enrolment.



The Enrolment Service does not take into account enrolment applications that do not go through the online enrolment application interface.

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