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External student: registration procedure


An external student is a student following one or more teaching unit(s) (= courses) at the Université Saint-Louis - Brussels while being enrolled mainly in another Belgian higher education institution* (UCLouvain, KU Leuven - Campus Brussel, etc.).


In order to integrate EU from the Université Saint-Louis into his or her study programme, the student must have obtained the agreement of his or her main institution.


In order to receive access codes to the intranet of the Université Saint-Louis, the external student can fill in application from for registration during these periods :


 Teaching units for the 1st term: between 16/08/2022 and at the latest by 30/09/2022.

 Teaching units of the 2nd term: between 15/01/2023 and at the latest by 15/02/2023.



* Do not confuse an external student with a Erasmus student (enrolled mainly in a non-Belgian higher education institution), a independent student or a fonctionnaire fédéral dans le cadre de l'accession au niveau A.

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