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Procedure for registration/re-registration in an additional bachelor's degree programme


The student registers for a maximum of 30 credits of supplementary credits per year (unless the student is in the process of finalising his or her supplementary bachelor's degree).


The final date for applying for registration/re-registration for an additional bachelor's degree is September 30 of the current year.


The form for first enrolment in an additional bachelor's programme or the form for re-enrolment in an additional bachelor's programme must be submitted to the Registration Service , which checks that the student meets the admission and financial eligibility requirements for registration in an additional bachelor's degree programme. The Registration Service then forwards the application to the additional baccalaureate administration, which will contact you by e-mail (student mailbox!) in order to establish your additional baccalaureate programme with you.


Registration fees for supplementary teaching units or an additional baccalaureate programme


Registration fees for complementary teaching units (anticipation phase with registration in a main baccalaureate):


Ordinary or reduced fees: 50 € per complementary teaching unit

Ordinary  Stock market fees: 0 €.


The total cannot exceed the amount of the fees to be paid for a secondary registration, i.e. 247 €.


Registration fees for the additional baccalaureate (in the finalization phase and/or main baccalaureate completed):


This can vary between 247 € and 835 € depending on the student's background. For more information on this subject, please contact Registration Service by mail clearly stating your situation.



The student will receive a payment slip by post inviting him/her to pay the registration fee for the complementary teaching units. It is the payment of the registration fees that makes the registration effective.


Payment of the registration fees due, which the student can consult via the Intranet (under the heading Registration Dossier, section Payment of registration fees), must be made by February 1rst of the current year.


Any student who has not paid the fees by the deadline will have his/her application cancelled. No payment reminder will be sent. No refunds will be made.



 Vademecum for additionnal bachelor's degree 2022-2023

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