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Evening study programmes


| 2020-2021 Programmes |



Whether you wish to study law or political sciences at university for the first time, or study for a bachelor’s degree after obtaining another higher education qualification; whether you are looking for a more specialised qualification after your masters’, or whether you just wish to study for pleasure while working full-time, Saint-Louis has something to offer you!


Bachelor’s degrees (BA)


The BA at Saint-Louis is a 3-year course of study with an ECTS value of 180 credits. It is not designed as an entry-level qualification for a particular career; rather, it is a stepping-stone that qualifies its holder to pursue their studies at master’s level.



Political Sciences


Masters degree


Our master is a two-year programme worth 120 credits.


It is organised by Saint-Louis and the Institut Supérieur de Formation Sociale et de Communication de la Haute Ecole Groupe ICHEC - ISC Saint-Louis - ISFSC.


Master in Strategy and Analysis of Interactive and Collaborative Communication (evening study)



Advanced Masters


Our advanced masters are specialised occupational qualifications. Admission to an advanced master’s is open to students who already hold a masters’ degree.


Advanced Master’s in Interdisciplinary Analysis of European Construction (evening study)

Advanced Master’s in Environmental Law and Public Real Estate Law (evening study)

Advanced Master’s in Human Rights (evening study)

Advanced Master’s in Financial Risk Management (evening study)

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