Saint-Louis University - Bruxelles

2022 - 2023 Programme

Teaching Approach

Teaching methods vary according to the content and aims of the course or seminar. They may include: presentations, followed by debate and/or question & answer sessions between the course lecturer and students; student presentations; or alternatively conferences followed by debate. Specialised courses are taught in a ‘small group’ seminar format. The teaching staff is composed of lecturer-researchers, who set great store by their availability for students.

Being in Brussels means you have the opportunity to access major library collections and archives that are crucial for the budding historian’s professional development. Saint-Louis will teach you how to exploit such resources, including non-textual artefacts such as images, monuments, and historic sites.

Whatever your course of study, Saint-Louis places great importance on supporting you in your studies, which is why the university’s Academic Guidance Service organises a range of learning support activities and maintains an open door to anyone who wishes to discuss academic issues.


There are three examination sessions during the academic year; in January, in June, and in August/September. In the first year students who do not succeed in the January examination session may retake, if need be twice, in June, and in September.

In some subjects, examinations take place during the teaching terms. In such cases, students may be dispensed from taking the end-of-year examination.

Your final assessment mark is made up of your examination marks plus your classwork and coursework results from during the academic year.